Suns out, Guns out! As the sky turns blue faces often turn red in the blistering heat of the summer sun. Out in the field, it’s hard to get away from the heat. Luckily, as a UK distributor of Under Armour Tactical – we have a solution! In this article, Top Of The Range will walk you through the Under Armour Tactical Heatgear® range and what it can do to help you beat the heat this summer!

What is Under Armour Tactical?

Under Armour is an iconic brand in the fitness industry. Renowned for their tight but comfortable fit and innovative design, if you take fitness seriously you likely have at least one piece of Under Armour apparel at home.

Under Armour Tactical is a very similar range to their mainline products, with some key differences to meet the needs and specifications required for military use.

The most noticeable is the subtlety of the branding.

Any Under Armour insignias and the like are designed to blend into the design rather than stand out. This is typically done via a duotone design. Their range of products is also slightly altered. For example, their baselayers employ military-compliant colour schemes, allowing you to use them as a baselayer underneath your uniform.

What is Under Armour Heatgear®?

Heatgear® is perhaps the most iconic line of products from the Under Armour range. Heatgear® employs specialist materials to wick away sweat and remain stretchy and tough to keep up with high athletic demands.

Under Armour calls this material “Charged Cotton”. This material uses moisture transportation to overcome the typical disadvantages of cotton workout gear whilst remain ultra-soft and comfortable.

Many pieces also incorporate Coldblack® Technology that reflects IR and heat rays with a minimum of UPF 30+ sun protection.

Our Favourite Under Armour Tactical Heatgear® Products

Under Armour Tactical Heatgear® products are military-compliant and designed with the heat in mind, combining the two aforementioned excellent product lines. Here is just a selection of our top Under Armour Tactical Heatgear® range for sale on our site:

Under Armour Tactical Heatgear® Compression Tee

Simple, efficient and cool. Exactly what you need in the field with plenty of flexibility to boot. Employs a clean crewneck design, moisture transport system and that classic second-skin fit you need in a military-compliant baselayer.

Under Armour Original 6″ Heatgear® Boxer Jock 2 Pack

For anyone who’s been in the field for an extended period, do we even need to say anything here? Trust us, comfortable and cooling boxers like this come in very handy out in the field.

Under Armour Womens Armour Sports Bra

Likewise, this is borderline essential for the ladies. Available in Military Compliant colours with a comfortable and moisture-wicking design that’s modest enough to be worn on its own during personal training.


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