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In relation to the dexshell gloves, socks and hat, that you gave me to test and evaluate.

I used all these items on a 5 week national shooting course. I spent the majority of this course at altitude in cold and wet weather conditions.

During the full 5 weeks I never once suffered from wet or cold hands and feet, I was the only person on this course who managed to remain dry during the work outside.

It is testament to the Dexshell equipment, as the conditions were extremely harsh and similar items from other manufacturers did not cope with the conditions at all.

I would not hesitate to buy any of the Dexshell items and they would definitely be my first choice for the conditions I was subjected to.

Many Thanks


Ben T


DexShell Trekking Sock

Compared to the comparable SealSkinz socks, these are better, mostly because they are longer but they also

feel more like a sock and less like you’re wearing a bag. In recent snow I wore them with crocs and I was perfectly warm and dry. My teenage son also wore them in the snow and the results were noticeable compared to my other two sons whose feet were wet and frozen, his weren’t. I wouldn’t want to walk a marathon wearing these, as although they are breathable, there’s something restrictive about the

skin feeling when wearing these or indeed any waterproof sock. A great investment for the price compared to that asked for by retailers of SealSkinz socks.



DexShell Thermfit Glove

I have been a fan of SealSkinz kit for years and still have their socks, but their gloves were always too tight for me. So to find a similar bit of kit that literally fits like a glove was a much welcomed treat. These DexShell Thermafit gloves are not only comfy, they are also warm and the wrist band goes up higher than most gloves. I have found them an absolute must for use in snow and the grip dotting on the palm and digits is handy for driving, operating machinery, handling tools etc. in the cold/wet/snow. In recent snow, I couldn’t believe the difference these gloves made to keeping my hands warm and dry when working/playing in the ‘white stuff, so much so that my teenage boys are all begging for their own pairs now. The materials that have gone into this pair of gloves are superb and DexShell is certainly a relatively new company and one to look at both now and in the future.



DexShell Waterproof Beanie

My first observation of this DexShell beanie hat is that it has a comfy fleece liner, which is essential, especially for a balding man like myself. The fact it is also water/windproof is a real bonus
as even without this feature I am very impressed with it.
The shape/style of it is classic and it is well made, suitable to wear as urban and rural headgear. The waterproofing feature is great, but due to the style of the hat if you're relying on it for protection you will be disappointed, as the run off will go right down your neck and on your face. I would strongly recommend this headgear as a winter warmer and it is very cheap considering its features and quality.





Under Armour Tac Zip 2.0 Boot

I am a serving Police Officer on response and have been wearing my new Under Armour boots for two sets of shifts now. I can drive, walk and run in them they are great. I've always bought breathable boots, these really are breathable. The Bridgedale trekker socks and fab too. Thank you for the guidance and advise, you were spot on the money.



Jetboil FLASH

I have been lucky enough to receive a new individual stove system from the good folks over at the ‘Jetboil FLASH’.

So far I have been extremely impressed with this cook system. I had one of the original Jetboils when I joined the military back in 2005. That stove lasted me around seven years of service and back then it was good. Jetboil have taken their flux ring technology, and placed it into a much more robust and efficient system.

The stove weighs in at an impressive 400g (this is without the fuel and pot support) and despite its lightweight design the performance is un-matched. Capable of boiling 0.5lts in 2 min 30sec.

Now as if the boil time and lightweight package is not impressive enough, there are a few more great features. There is a heat resistant cosy that has a colour change heat indicator letting you know when the contents are hot, as well as a removable cup on the bottom and a drink-through lid. The burner and the push button igniter seem a lot more robust than the first generation Jetboils produced.

The Flash is a great compact lightweight cook system aimed more towards boil in the bag and dehydrated meals, making this a fantastic option for serving military, search & rescue and wild campers alike.  

With my original Jetboil, there were countless times when I had a quick stop, either out on a Search or on the Hill, only to find it had gone cold. This problem has now been rectified with the quick and easy set-up of the Jetboil Flash. If you are also using boil in the bag meals it allows you to have a hot meal and a hot drink cooked in less than five minutes, (that’s quicker than some microwave meals! not bad sat on the side of a mountain!) I found this particularly handy on a recent Search lasting four days. It was really convenient to be able to have a hot drink and a meal quickly so I could get on with the task at hand. I can equally see this being great for when we are water training in the colder months.

This stove is a great option for me to either leave in one of the vehicles at a control point, or throw in the top of a pack for quick stops on the move.

The stove can be found at -

As always, a huge thank you to the staff at Top of the Range for making this review possible.

Stay safe.


 Gorilla on Wheels Storage Trunk


I ordered a Gorrila on Wheels and some Under Armour, was great to see how cheap the postage was for such large and heavy items! The kit was with me very quickly and even included some brochures and a discount code for my next order. Looking forward to payday!

Cheers Top of the Range.

David Blackmoor.
Airsoft Enthusiast

I'm sure that like me many of you are fed up with ordering kit off websites only to find that, contrary to the information provided, the item/s you order are "temporarily out of stock" or not as advertised.

Yesterday I went to visit "Top of the Range" in North Yorkshire (they do advertise on this site), and I am pleased to be able to report that they are real and have a very professional set up.

Their office is right next to their warehouse and I personally witnessed the guys going to check that kit was in stock before committing to customers on the phone or internet orders.

I should add that I am absolutely nothing to do with this company at all. It's just that good service is so unusual these days I thought they deserved a mention. Certainly worth checking out their site, if like me you are prep'ing for winter.

CP World Member

Dear Dudley,

I'm just writing to say thank you to yourself for the help and support youv'e given me and 159 Battery Royal Artillery over the last 3 years. Top of The Range has proved an excellent company to do business with.

Thanks once again.

Andy Parker


Received the boots today, no problem to the States either. The best boots I have ever put on my feet. Thanks and have a good day.

Cheers, Shawn.

<hr />Just before Christmas I phoned you to see if you could supply a spare male buckle for the waist band of my Sol Bug Out Bag. Within a couple of days a buckle arrived. I'm thus writing to thank you for your very prompt reply. As I said at the time, I love my bag and use it daily during my recent tour in Afghanistan.

Thanks again.

R. Eaton.


Thankyou for replacing my bugout bag quickly under warranty.

Fantastic Service.



I got the rig today and it's awesome! Thanks for perfect customer service too!!!

Have a nice summer, Juuso.