In the new normal, hygiene products have almost become a precious resource. Keeping hands sanitized and faces masked is highly important. This is equally as important in the field but is a much more difficult need to fulfil. Your customers at camp are always looking for dependability and ease of use. Water-based sanitisers are effective, but often leave hands slippery and irritated. Here at Top Of The Range, we believe our range of Nilaqua products are the waterless hygiene solution your customers are going to love in the field. Interested? Learn more about the Nilaqua range we have for sale below.

Who is Nilaqua?

Nilaqua is a hygiene product brand that has experienced massive success in the current pandemic. Their brand of waterless sanitisers is used by customers across the UK and beyond as well as supplying the NHS in this difficult time. Nilaqua has proven itself to be a strong provider that is dependable enough to serve on the frontline of this pandemic.

What are the Benefits of Waterless Hand Sanitizer?

Nilaqua provides water-free and alcohol-free hand sanitiser. These two removals provide two key benefits. An alcohol-free sanitiser is far less flammable than typical sanitisers. This dramatically reduces the risk when stored in a kit bag for long periods alongside potentially dangerous equipment. Water-free sanitisers dry far quicker than their water-based counterparts and feature plant-based ingredients such as aloe that are far kinder on the skin. Irritated and damaged hands can be a major cause of concern in the field. These two factors combined make Nilaqua sanitiser the best choice for your customers.

Here are just a couple of examples of the amazing Nilaqua products we’re sure your customers will love.

Waterless Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser – 55ml

This conveniently sized bottle of waterless, alcohol-free sanitiser is used by nurses across the NHS. If that’s not a glowing recommendation – what is? This sanitiser is vegan-friendly, halal compliant and food safe – ensuring no complications in its usage. Its non-toxic, non-flammable design that quickly dries ensures spillages are minimal risk and that hands remain irritation-free. All of this for an economical £2.99. Check it out today!

Waterless Nilaqua Towel-Off Body Wash

When showers are in short supply in the field Nilaqua has you covered. This waterless body wash. Simply pour the non-irritating foam into your hand, massage your body and wipe down for a perfect clean. This body wash is paraben-free, odour free and has a balanced pH for a neutral clean.


This is just a small collection of the amazing benefits and products of the Nilaqua range of waterless hygiene products available at Top Of The Range. For the camping gear, hygiene products and more your customers will love in the field, browse our range today.