Following recent events, this Remembrance Day will be a particularly tough time for those who have served. As we come out of lockdown and back into a turbulent world rocked by conflict, still unresolved despite the immeasurable sacrifice of those who have given their lives for our nation, it is essential to treat our veterans with the utmost respect.

Top Of The Range offers a variety of camping equipment at a significant discount, perfect for veterans looking to enjoy peace in the great outdoors. Learn more about the camping equipment we offer for veterans today.

Kombat Bivvy Pole

Constructing a Temporary Shelter is a rewarding yet risky experience. The Kombat Bivvy Pole provides a durable foundation for an improvised shelter. The pole can be extended anywhere from 48-100cm and can be split into two sections. The overall weight of the Kombat Bivvy Pole is under 300 grams, making this the perfect lightweight bivvy-building solution for any camper’s backpack.

Scapa Sniper Tape – 50mm x 10m

Anyone who has served knows the incredible utility of sniper tape. This general-purpose cotton cloth tape utilises pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s ideal for a variety of field applications. From sealing leaky tents to labelling, sniper tape can do it all!

Scapa Sniper tape is made from comfortable cotton, ideal for padding harnesses and covering tools such as binoculars. The tape is also resistant to corrosion and abrasion, with impressive flexibility and adhesion. One of the best features this sniper tape has for the field is how easy it is to unwind and rip off. No scissors are required!

Bridgedale Summit Socks

When you’ve been in the field for a while, you begin to notice how terrible some socks can be! Finding a good pair that keeps your feet warm and dry can be a nightmare. That’s where Bridgedale comes in to help.

The Bridgedale Summit socks provide a cosy merino fusion fibre that offers incredible warmth in even the coldest of mountains. Double density pads are included underfoot to cushion every step, allowing anyone to walk harder and further on a hike. The fit of the Bridgedale Summit Socks is comfortable, thanks to a soft knit cuff that stays firm on the leg without digging in. For anyone looking to be freed of the burden of cold feet out in the field, Bridgedale Summit Socks make the perfect gift.


We hope this guide has shown you some thoughtful gifts for our loved ones who have sacrificed so much this remembrance day. We have a variety of other guides available covering more of our products on our site. However, rather than encouraging you to explore our range of camping products for sale, we’d recommend donating to leading Veteran’s Charities such as British Legion. Thank you for reading!