When you’re in the field, there’s one thing above all else that one must know. The worst part is, it’s the easiest to forget. Knowing your location in the field dramatically improve your chance of survival. We may live in an age of GPS and radar, but your customers know they need something reliable and dependable for when the worst happens. Here at Top Of The Range, we provide you with the products we know your customers know they need including an excellent selection of compasses, map cases and field stationery. Learn more about our top range here at Top Of The Range below.

Kombat Military Map Compass

The first thing you need to know in a survival situation is where to find North. North tells you which direction to point your map, helps you get a rough estimate of the time and will be instrumental with keeping up with any radio calls you can pick up, no pun intended. If you’re looking to offer an affordable and accurate Map Compass to your customer base: Kombat has you covered. This UK Military Map Compass for sale offers all the essential features necessary for quick and easy map location. This lightweight compass features3 sets of map roamers, including the:

  • The old-school 1:63360 1inch to 1-mile scale
  • The more contemporary 1:50000 scale see in the OS LandRanger series
  • 1:25,000 scale often used for accurate details

Sea To Summit Waterproof Map Case Small

From Sea to Summit, rain can be a serious pain when navigating by map (see what we did there?), keeping maps dry and visually unobstructed is essential for effective route-planning and navigation in tough conditions. Ensuring a completely safe map is something your customers will no doubt be eager to pay for. This waterproof map case features a fully waterproof welded roll-top and adjustable neck webbing strap for ease of use. Sea to Summit ensures every factor is taken into consideration, going as far as to offer UV stable material in this map case to avoid yellowing from prolonged sunlight exposure. No matter where you are, Sea to Summit has your customers covered.

Rite In The Rain Notebook 3″ x 5″ 12 pk – Black

Rite in The Rain does exactly what they set out to do in their very name, and they do it so well your customers will be clamouring for this notebook. Note-taking, as we’ve discussed in our field stationary guide, is an essential tool to have available in a survival situation in the field. With 50 sheets of Universal paper, ideal for scaled drawings and notes, this completely waterproof Rite in The Rain Spiral-binded notebook ensures your customers can take notes even during the heaviest storms.

Top Of The Range hopes this guide has highlighted some of the essential military and field navigation products for sale in the UK that your customers will love. For top-quality tactical kit for a variety of applications at affordable prices, trust Top Of The Range and browse our online store today.