Easter is approaching quickly, marking not only the beginning of spring proper but an even shorter countdown to the end of lockdown. Your customers are no doubt going to be looking to build back that muscle lost over the past year, and make sure their body is ready for the challenges and life-changing events soon to begin. The first step will be bulking. Luckily for you, Top Of The Range is home to a vast array of deliciously easter-y chocolate-flavoured protein products designed to help build up that muscle mass. Think your customers would be interested? Learn more below!

Maximuscle Max Whey Protein Powder 480g Pack – Chocolate

Max-whey is a scientifically-proven and highly renowned blend of top quality protein designed to taste good and help your customers reach their ultimate potential. The premium whey protein concentrate is low in fat and sugar, ensuring gains are made in the abs -not the scales. This ultra-filtered blend is not only low in fats but high in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is used by the body in order to use and storge energy from the protein and carbohydrates you ingest and is reported to have countless benefits beyond this. Combine that with an industry-leading 7g per serving Branched Chain Amino Acid content for reduced fatigue and you have a truly power and incredibly delicious protein powder your customers will love!

Maximuscle Protein Bars Cookies and Cream 12 X 45g

Maximuscle protein bars come in a variety of delectable chocolate flavours, including Caramel Millionaire, but one of the most popular on our site is this delectable multisale pack of cookies and cream. One thing that doesn’t vary across this delicious collection of snacks, perfect for bulking, is the fact they are loaded with 15g of muscle-building protein. These vegetarian (milk and whey protein only) bars are low in sugar and free from artificial colours and flavours for a powerful all-natural flavour your customers don’t have to feel guilty enjoying this easter! Indeed, guilt-free is the name of the game with these protein bars, coming in at only 190 calories and being screened for banned substances, with full accreditation on the Informed-Sport programme.

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Shake – 8 x 330ml

Many of your customers no doubt swear by Grenade, thanks to their extensive lineage in the industry. Smooth, creamy and only 200 calories: you can’t go wrong with a low-fat, low-carb Grenade protein shake. Available in both fudge brownie and chocolate mint, this is a product you should already have on your shelf for this Easter.


We hope this Top Of The Range guide has highlighted to you some of the top-quality chocolate protein products we have for sale for your business this Easter. Top Of The Range are UK distributors for Under Armour Tactical & Reebok Tactical, alongside a vast range of incredible protein products, browse the rest of our range today.