When you’re out in the field, good grub can be hard to find and the time to eat it even harder. That’s why Top Of The Range stocks a vast array of protein supplements in both shake and bar form. Sometimes, however, there’s just no replacement for the real thing. That’s why we stock BEEFit Biltong. Tasty, Meaty and protein-packed, learn all about BEEFit and the benefits of natural protein below!

1.      Natural Protein Tastes Natural

Simple and true! Protein Supplements are often flavoured with artificial sweeteners, giving them those fancy flavours we’ve come to expect. It keeps calories to a minimum and prices low, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the real thing. BEEFit Biltong comes in traditional Biltong flavours, including BBQ and Chilli. With various seasonings, including coriander and nutmeg, this is a snack that tastes as good as the protein is for your gains.

2.      Natural Protein Isn’t Just Protein

Protein supplements are designed with one goal in mind, get you prepped for a workout. They may contain a few vitamins in the like alongside the protein, but mostly it’s just those amino acids designed to keep you at peak performance. Natural Protein like BEEFit isn’t as perfectly engineered, but the balanced nutrients it offers are ideal for a balanced and healthy diet. Alongside those same vitamins from the supplements, you can find minerals, healthy fats and carbs to keep you healthy and provide synergistic effects. These nutrients combine with that delicious Biltong Flavour to create a truly satisfying snack.

3.      Natural Protein Isn’t Workout Specific

Following on from the previous point, Protein Supplements are exclusively designed with the workout in mind. Their effects kick in at around 30 minutes, perfect for gulping down before a workout. When you’re looking for a fulfilling snack and a consistent diet, supplements can sometimes feel a little lacking. Natural protein from BEEFit Biltong digests over 2 hours, leaving you full and providing a balanced protein output. BEEFit also comes in handy, snack-size packs – making it a perfect replacement for that protein bar you have in the Mess.

4.      Natural Protein works alongside supplements

If there’s one sure way to a healthy body and mind, it’s a healthy diet. Natural, lean proteins create a strong groundwork to make some serious gains when working out. Still, protein supplements can give you that essential boost beforehand that ensures you maximise your workout potential. Simply put, neither natural nor supplement protein is better – they can work in tandem to create a strong basis for growth and development. Combine BEEFit and our amazing range of protein supplements to achieve your goals!


We hope this guide has shown you the benefits of Natural protein alongside protein supplements. Find both BEEFit Biltong and protein supplements for sale right here at Top Of The Range, alongside a vast range of essential camping and survival equipment from leading brands. Browse our range today!